Lost Japan

Lost Japan is a series of autobiographical essays, describing experiences I had since coming to Japan as a boy in 1964, and how the country has changed.

I wrote this book originally in Japanese as a series of articles for Shincho 45 magazine. In 1993, the articles came out as a book Utsukushiki Nihon no Zanzo (Last Glimpse of Beautiful Japan), which won the Shincho Gakugei literature award in 1994 (the first ever by a foreigner ). I later translated the book with the help of Bodhi Fishman into English, and in 1996 Lonely Planet published the English version as Lost Japan.

My two books on Japan are yin and yang:  Dogs and Demons is about "now", but Lost Japan is about the past and what it has to teach us.  It's a very personal book, looking back to the glories of the old landscape and traditional culture.