Another Kyoto 

Another Kyoto is a book unlike any you have ever read about Japan. With his unexpected and counterintuitive approach, Alex Kerr transforms our conventional views of the city and its traditions.

This book is the fruit of Alex Kerr's half-century of living in Japan and of lore gleaned from people he's met along the way: artists, Zen monks and Shinto priests, Japanese literati, and expat personalities from days past, such as legendary art dealer David Kidd. Kerr turns what we thought we knew aboutKyoto inside-out, revealing the inner ideas behind simple things like walls, floors, and sliding doors. After this book, one can never walk through a Zen gate in the same way again.

Yet despite its wealth of detailed knowledge and insight, Another Kyoto has the light-hearted character of an ideal travel companion.

Another Kyoto, published simultaneously in Japanese, is a book not only for visitors and foreign residents, but for Japanese themselves, who seek to penetrate more deeply into this endlessly fascinating city.